"Bakare's high baritone, infused with gospel power, raises the roof." - Daryl H. Miller from Los Angeles Times

"Jahmaul Bakare carries the role to great heights with just the right amount of sensitivity, sensuality and bravado...when Bakare launches into 'Let it Sing', his voice raises the roof and will inspire a heartfelt spirituality in each audience member's heart and soul." Shari Barrett for Broadway World

"Bakare's multi-range voice gloriously rings in the song 'Let it Sing' - the potency of his performance is felt long after the song is over." - Ryan Luevano

"Bakare's Flick is a gentle giant with the pipes of a R&B superstar..." - Steven Stanley for Stage Scene LA

"...his rendition of Unchained Melody was breathtaking as his physical presence on stage..." - Shari Barrett from Broadway World Los Angeles

"Bakare...stood gallant in his black tuxedo...his voice resonating with lush tones...statuesque stance with his eyes closed, displayed the soulful penetrating lyrics of the songs..." - Sheryl Aronson from The Hollywood Times

"Enjolras, played here by Jahmaul Bakare with a beautiful operatic voice and a charismatic pressance..." Dany Margoiies from The Daily Breeze

"Resonant tenor Jahmaul Bakare embodies the spirit of revolution as Enjolras atop the barricade..." - Shari Barret from Broadway World Los Angeles

"Jahmaul has a very piercing voice that resonates all the passions and desires of his character. The depth of his performance with Kristin Towers-Rowles, just made their chemistry extremely real and visceral." - Lorenzo Marchessi

" Brava! Bakare has a magnificent singing voice and maintains a strong, silent demeanor as Flick..." - Don Grigware from Broadway World Los Angeles

"...pure comical energy...gave an extremely hysterical twist that vocally gave the audience a wolf they'll soon never forget..." - Lorenzo Marchessi

"Jahmaul Bakare carries the role of Flick to great heights with just the right amount of sensitivity, sensuality and bravado..." -  Shari Barrett from Broadway World Los Angeles

"Bakare had a voice that would just make you melt; it was particularly notable in numbers such as “Let It Sing” and “Hard To Say Goodbye”  - CAHWYGUY from CAHIGHWAYS.ORG

"Bakare commands the stage as Flick...addition to investing the role with strength, warmth, dignity, and some glorious, operatically trained pipes." - Steven Stanley from Stage Scene LA

"Bakare elevates the show with his mighty voice…." - Margie Barron from Entertainment Today

"Jahmaul Bakare wowed us with an impressive voice, as he stayed true to the songs that offered hope and solace." - M. JARRETT CHRISTENSEN  from The Tolucan Times

 "Bakare, who has a fine voice relays the frustration of a sincere and savvy man in a bigoted society." - Deborah Klugman Stage Raw Los Angeles

"His voice, rich in timbre and resonance, is an instrument of great communicative power. He is first and foremost a consummate performer, with a refined musical knowledge and taste." - Kosta Popovic, Metropolitan Opera Assistant Chorus Master 2002 - 2008